Many developers tinker with side projects for learning or career development (or just for fun!) and at Stack Overflow, we support all types of technologies, from professional to hobbyist. Whenever people are working, we're available to answer their questions. But what languages tend to be asked about on weekends, as opposed to weekdays?

Sehr interessant zu sehen, wie sich das Verhalten auf Stack Overflow von Wochen- und Wochenendtagen unterscheidet.

We see tags here like Ruby on Rails and Scala that developers used at a higher rate on weekends several years ago, but now use at a lower rate on weekends and more on weekdays. These technologies were more weekend-oriented in the past, but are now proportionally part of more developers' weekday work lives.

Bei mir war es damals nicht anders. Ich habe mich am Wochenende viel mit Ruby beschäftigt und irgendwann den Job gewechselt, um auch in der Woche mit einer Sprache zu arbeiten, die mir Spaß macht.