tl;dr: I’m writing an RSS Server in Rails called HappyFeed. It speaks the Fever RSS Spec and works with Reeder, Unread, Readkit and any other App that supports Fever RSS. It’s called HappyFeed and you can find it on GitHub.


Because i’m not a huge fan of hosted services and always prefer to host my own content and tools, i decided to write my own RSS Server. Because i want to use Apps like Reeder, Unread and ReadKit i decided to make it compatible with the Fever RSS API.

To make it simple, the main difference is, that my backend is written in Ruby (on Rails). I use the Fever RSS Spec since a lot of third-party Apps (for Android and iOS) support Fever RSS and Fever RSS is a self-hosted solution.

I’m not against Fever RSS, but for me the fact that it’s written in PHP is a dealbreaker. So i thought: How hard can it be to write your own RSS Server, am i right?

Currently the HappyFeed API is completely operational and works with every RSS Reader App that supports Fever RSS. Today i finished the Feed Item Listing for the Webapp.

HappyFeed FeedItem Listing

As you can see, the Listing already shows Favorites and read/unread Items. I want to integrate a list of features, since i want to use HappyFeed as my Web RSS Reader too, not just as a dull Server backend.

To Do

I have a few ideas in mind that i want to integrate. I’m always thinking about a way to enrich the RSS Items with additional content. I’m still not sure how a thing like that could work without overloading the content and breaking the clean design.

HappyFeed should be kept clean as possible, since it’s the RSS content that matters.

HappyFeed Reeder App

On this point HappyFeed is far from production ready. But if you want to keep up with the development and have feature requests/ideas feel free to send a pull-request or open a new issue on GitHub.